My poodle, Angelique was called Angel for fifteen wonderful years, until she passed away last month. She was blind, deaf and died of kidney failure. I was devastated, someone told me to get another dog, but I couldn't. I found Travis, a Yorkie in shabby condition and have been working on getting him house broken and trained to a leash. I found my heart was healing through this process.

Angel awakens me in the middle of the night, she jumps off the bed and prances into the kitchen and eats out of her bowl. I jump up, to see if Travis is headed off to the kitchen to pee-pee, and nope he's asleep in his bed. I pick him up and take him out and he pees every time. My Angel is an Angel helping me train Travis and my heart is healed. Just knowing she is here in the house is an emotional release.

Kim Starr