I hesitate in telling this, because it doesn't seem believable. A few years ago I had come to a point in my life where I wanted to give up on the life I had led for so long. Drinking, drugs, illicit sex, and etc. I had hurt my wife to the point she had divorced me. In my searching I came to believe that Jesus was my answer. The transition of my conversion was so cleansing, and deeply meaningful that I began praying a lot.

During a time of praying for answers as to whether I was supposed to wait and try and save my relationship with my wife, I asked God if there was any chance that she would ever come back. This was a desperate prayer because the agony of not knowing was tremendous. In all actuality, I was hoping for an answer that I could move on. A voice told me " it has already taken place" then something moved me to go into another room and get a book I had purchased, but hadn't really been stirred to read yet. I opened it up and the heading of the chapter that I thumbed to said " it has already taken place ".

The message was about God speaking things into existance, and the story that the author told was about how the angel told Abraham that Sara would have a child in her elderly state. The point was that even in their impatience, what destiny told them did in fact unfold in earthly time.

There was nothing I could do in my situation, because there was no communication between us. During a time of meditation and out of my own impatience I asked again. I saw a vision of a steaming set of words that looked like it was moving across a computer screen that said. YOU HAVE TO SHUT THE DOOR .

It startled me, but I knew it was supernatural, and I wished it would have been longer, friendlier, and more informative, but deep down I knew in my soul what it meant.

I began to let it go, and within weeks, my wife called and told me she wanted to talk. It's been a wonderful reunion, and I believe for some reason God intervened in it.

Phil Hensley