In 1991, I had not been long in my new (old) house, just long enough that I had everything just about situated where and how I wanted it with all the appointments that made it my own. I had a steady job with good pay and security. I had a new car and money in the bank. I had made a fabulous deal for the house which did not tax me in any way. I lay there, perfectly content at bedtime, with the lamp on. All was silent as I looked around at what I had accomplished for myself and thought about how nice it was and how I had not been this content nor felt so secure for many years; perhaps even my entire life of 32 years.

Suddenly, without any warning an angel appeared in the corner of the room. Standing as if floating and bathed in bright light and flowing white garment. The hair was bright gold and the eyes were like sunllight as it spoke these words: "You are about to leave all that you know for all that you do not."

Then, as quickly as it appeared, it was gone and though this only took a few seconds I jumped up in bed as it happened. Then it was gone. I sat there for a minute digesting the occurence, then got out of bed to examine the place where it had appeared. There was not a trace of anything out of the ordinary.

As I was fully awake before and after this happened, I could not suppose that I was half awake or awakwned from sleeep, or even that I was tired. Though I did wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me. I laughed about it as I closed my eye and went to sleep. It had taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to reach this point in life. I had no intention of changing anything.

Yet the sequence of events subsequent to that apparition led me to abandon my job and my house and even the United States. In the next ten year period, I found myself living a life in a foreign country, speaking different languages, and conducting business in a total of 34 countries around the world. I never had such a thing happen to me before that, nor has it ever happened again. It happened one night and I have to believe it because what the angel said was completely foreign to anything I had thought about or hoped to do.

Patrick Pegher