The Airport

This is a story I that I wish to share with you all that happened in May 2002. It was the time period following September 11, where airports were on notice. It was during this time period that you needed to have a photo ID at the gate even after getting through security. My friend and I were stressed and overwhelmed as we were coming home from our vacation in Tampa Florida. We had so many souvenirs that the person at the counter told us that we would need to check them in as cargo instead of allowing us to carry them onto the plane. Of course, I had to show the attendant at the counter my Driver's license.

I was nervewracked. Somehow in my nervousness and inability to concentrate, I had accidently dropped my Driver's license into one of the cargo boxes with our souvenirs instead of putting it back into my purse. I discovered that I was not able to find my Driver's license. I asked the attendant if he still had it and he didn't. I did not know at the time that my lice sne was in the box with our stuff. I thought it was gone forever and that I would have to go to the DMV and get it replaced when we got back.

I did not know what I was going to do. I knew that I would need it at the gate. Unlike today, security at that time did not ask you for your ID, since you would have it checked at the gate. I cried out to God for a miracle since I did not want to be stranded in Tampa Florida with no way to get home. (Can't rent a car without a license) There was a strong possibility that I would have to allow my friend Rachel to board the plane without me while I stayed behind.

Finally, we were at the gate and it was time to board our flight. Out of the blue a man with blond hair signaled Rachel and me to come over. He was dressed in uniform just like the other attendants at the gate. He looked at just Rachel's ID and allowed us both on the plane. I believe he must have been an angel. Why else would he call just us over and allow both of us to board when just Rachel had an ID?

God knew I needed to get home and that I needed a miracle