The Light Of A New Beginning

As time goes by, we can lock our self's away.
Close our heart and souls,
build big walls to keep us safe.
Not happiness, just the life as we know it.

Then one day, a wind blows softly.
Opening a window that was nailed shut. 
A streak of light comes shining through.
 Showing another side of you.

Not wanting to change, 
but tired of the way it is.
Stepping gingerly into the light.
Testing the waters.
Over powering surge of faith,
replacing hopelessness.

Not sure what which way to turn,
lost in the mixture of feelings.
A soft hand takes yours,
a gentle voice with encouraging words.

This is your moment to choose.
You go into the light,
and a new hope is born.
Gathering strength from a source unknown.

Letting the wall crumble around you.
Seeing yourself for the first time,
as the person you was meant to be.
Overwhelmed by the weight taken off of you.

Tears falling on your cheek,
saying good-bye to the chains that held you back.
As new strength surges through you.
Happiness filling your heart.

I watch this transition take place in you.
And say, " Here is the person I have always seen
This is the beginning of your journey.
Never forget the past, 
it has brought you to where you are now."  

When you feel a gentle breeze blowing,
and a soft hand leading.
Open your eyes and follow your angel
into the light.

By: Tammy McK

Copyright 2001 Tammy McK