Unexpected Danger

I was living in south central Florida off a dirt grade road called Martin County Grade, near a town called Okeechobee. Living out in the country in a scarcely populated area you are aware of the need to be on alert. One Saturday afternoon, I was outside helping my husband do yard work and he asked me to walk up to the outside rear deck and bring him the large canvas that was on the top of a six foot metal shelf. Not giving this a second thought I reached for the canvas. Just as I was about to pull it down a voice in my head said, "Don't touch that canvas". Since I had never heard a voice in my head before I stopped in my tracks and went looking for a stepladder.

I have no clue why I even had the instinct to do that. As I got onto the stepladder and looked on the top of the shelf I saw a ten-foot rattlesnake coiled and taking a summer nap on top of that canvas. Martin County Grade is centrally located between Okeechobee and Stuart, Florida and a twenty-five minute drive to the hospital in both directions. Had I been bitten in the neck or head pulling that canvas down, I assume I would have been difficult to reach medical assistance in time to save my life. Me. I am sure that my Guardian Angel had reason to save me from a sure death. It gives me comfort to know that there is a plan for our lives and a guide for us always.

T. Burke