Sight of Beauty

I would like to share an event that happened to a friend and me about 16 years ago in Brooklyn, New York. We were two friends, in our 20's, meeting as friends, to question life and support one another. I am a woman of the Jewish faith and he was of Catholic background. We sat that evening in his apartment, in the studio-room of his friend, an artist, who collected antique picture frames, lined up on the walls and some hanging empty for display.

We prayed together - talking and requesting the help of the Lord to guide us. We stood up to say good night, one to the other, at the end of our praying and talking session. Behind me, I heard the house cat enter into the room. We both turned to look at her. Her paws were flailing at what appeared to be a floating ball of white light. The light, floated higher out of the cat's reach until it was at our eye level, about a distance of an arms length away and suddenly an incredibly high 'pinnnngggg' sound was heard and the ball of light burst open, there were wings of light and a kind of face of light, an incredible sight of beauty.

The angel seemed to look at us a moment and then quickly flew over to the nearest picture frame and disappeared into the wall that was framed. Of course I immediately turned to my friend who was as amazed as me and he described to me his account, confirming we had seen the same thing. Together with the cat made 3 witnesses to this awesome event.

Paula Weinstein