Angels On The Deck

When my older daughter was thirteen years old she fractured 2 vertebrae in her neck by diving into shallow water. My younger daughter, who was only 11 at the time, swam to the bottom of the pool and lifted her sisterÕs head very gently to the surface of the water. The other children swimming in the pool had not noticed that Alicia was at the bottom of the pool, unable to move.

I was in the house folding laundry, when 1 of the children ran into the house to tell me that Alicia was hurt. I ran out to the deck and saw my younger daughter holding my older daughterÕs head. They told me that she could not move. At that moment I realized that she was paralyzed and began to scream as loudly as I could, calling Jesus to help me. I calmly told my younger daughter to bring Alicia to the side of the pool. When she reached me, I instructed her to hold her head straight and I lifted her out of the pool as though she were a featherweight. My neighbor then ran over, called 911, and stayed with us until the ambulance arrived. I should say here, that my neighbor is a police captain. He monitored her vital signs until the paramedics took over.

My friend later told me that when she arrived, she saw hundreds of Angels on my deck and all around the pool. They must have helped me to lift my daughter out of the pool. After being paralyzed and unable to walk, my daughter took her second set of first steps 6 weeks after the accident.

It was truly a miracle that Jesus sent his Angels to protect my daughter and help me in a terrible situation. Since then, I have always told my children that if they are ever in trouble, to call on Jesus and ask him to send his Angels to protect them.

Patricia A.
Trumbull, CT