Arcing Sword

I had an experience which I had to tell, I typed angels, this is the site that appeared to call me in. I Have had dreams and visions at times in my life mostly as a child from God to warn, dicipline and show his love.

A recent experience starts late at night; I was flicking through TV channels when I came across the christian channel [acc], an Evangelist asked viewers to accept Jesus into their hearts and pray with him. I opened up my heart and prayed. When I finished praying I felt an energy surounding me like a whirlwind. As I peered around a sensation overwhelmed me like I was in the middle of a fight. I instantly felt proud, and what was going on around me was for me. Suddenly all the lights went out. I went from proud to scared little boy and I ran to my kids room just not to be alone in the dark and held my son and prayed for God to send an angel to rid us of a demon which I thought was in the house trying to stop the delivery of my prayer.

The power then came back and I slept with my son with the light on. The next day I confessed my sins and prayed throughout the day. That night before dinner I turned to ask my wife what she was making just as she walked through the dining room. I saw an angel standing over the dinner table. He was handsome yet very serious. Tall and straight, blonde to golden colored hair and looked in human years to be somewhere in his early thirty's.

I sat there staring at him for about three seconds as he looked down at my wife as she walked past the table as though ready for something to go past him. I glanced at my wife, looked back and he was gone.

I gathered why he was there thanked God then felt a real calm and joy.

An hour or so later as I was eating, whilst watching tv, a reflection in the TV so powerful that what was behind me became more apparent then what was showing on the actual television screen; A great sword arcing down behind me that when I blinked I could still see it vividly behind my eyelids.

Since then I know my prayers are not in vain.