In God's Arms

I too believe that I have had an angel experience. When I was just a little girl at the young age of 5, I was spending the night at my grandfathers house in his spare room. I awoke very early in the morning to feel nauseas, and feverish. I felt as if I was going to vomit so I can still remember trying to run out of my bed into the bathroom, only nothing happpened. I was unable to move my legs or feet.

Shortly after, my grandfather rushed me to the hospital where I continued to stay for eight days. The doctors all had told my family that all of the test results for spinal menangitis (3) had been negative and they were not sure what kind of illness that I had. They also told my family that I was probobly going to die with a fever of 105 and a crashing immune system.

I can remember being really scared during my stay and praying to God over and over again to send me an angel to help me get better. Two days later with the help of an unmarketed government drug and what I believe was my guardian angel, I awoke to find myself standing up out of my hospital bed. I believe I was in God's arms that day and that very same angel is still watching over me from theron.

Miracles do happen.