Outside Looking In

I had surgery with complications. I remember sitting up out of my body. It was like I just floated and stood up I looked down and could see blood hemoragging through the incision down my legs. Then I could see myself laying there. A translucent person appeared and we traveled through clouds. He told me it is not your time but I am going to show you what could be yours. But you must go back and tell people about this. It was peaceful and it seemed like we were there for a long time. We traveled around the outskirts af many gold gates looking in. Gold rivers and beauty and peace and light and love. This is what could be yours the choice is up to you.

And then I was falling back suddenly into my body in one force and I was back on the table but I could see it all happen. It was so very real to me. I believe this was my angel.

Renee Carrico