His love For His Children

For a long time, I kept these incidents to myself and just tried to think them through and make sure they were what I thought they were. Of course, I was also concerned that people would not understand what I was telling them!

As a small child, I remember being sick in bed and feeling like I was suffocating. I looked up and over to the head of my bed and saw a glowing figure sitting very close to me. Somehow, I knew that was my guardian angel! Later in life, my mother told me that I had been very ill with pneumonia as a small child, to the point I was given the last rites. Knowing that, I now believe that my angel protected me from death.

When I was in my thirties, my husband became suddenly and seriously ill. I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, and was the only person there. I was feeling very downhearted and afraid I would be left a widow at this young age. I was trying to pray to God when an elderly lady sat right next to me. Because the room was basically empty, she could have had any chair she wanted, but she sat next to me.

I exchanged the basic pleasantries with her, i.e., "Hello, how are you?", but I really didn't feel like talking. She kept chatting with me and suddenly locked eyes with me. I've never seen such blue eyes, and she held me with them. It was like she was looking down into my soul, and the world consisted of her eyes looking into mine. She said "Everything will be all right - just let go and let God." She got up to leave and it seemed like one minute she was going to walk down the hall and the next minute she just wasn't there at all.

My husband did recover, and is still alive today.

This year, I became very seriously ill with undiagnosed chest pains. During this time, I had to make a business trip to Texas and spend a week there.
My husband was quite concerned about me being alone given my condition, but I insisted I would be all right and went on ahead.

The week passed relatively pain free, and I prepared to leave. I had to return the rental car, then take the shuttle to the main terminal to check my baggage. As I started to carry my luggage to the shuttle bus, I got very fatigued and felt 'twinges' in my chest. The shuttle door opened, and I saw that there were three very steep stairs that ran right to the on-board luggage rack. I looked at those stairs and doubted I could lift my baggage up to the rack. About that time, I heard a voice say "Let me help you with that" and I turned around to see a handsome young man dressed in a beautiful camel coat, white vest, camel scarf and brown pants. He had reddish hair and really looked great. I smiled at him and all of a sudden, my luggage was in the rack!
Understand that he did NOT board the shuttle to place my luggage in the rack. I looked at the luggage and turned to thank him, and could not see him anywhere. There were very few people in the area, and I couldn't figure out how he disappeared within a matter of seconds.

In the next few months, it was discovered that I had to have open heart surgery because the main artery in my heart was totally blocked. No wonder I was having chest pains! The day before my operation, my doctor finally told me that if I had exerted myself into a heart attack, I would have simply dropped dead. It was then I realized that the young man was not REALLY a young man and that God had sent him to save my life.

Today, I continue to stand in awe of God's graciousness to me. Sometimes we simply have to experience these things to understand the depth of His love for His children.

Kathy Ozanne