Illuminated Dust

I have had several angel encounters, and no I'm not a crazy person looking for attention. I am a blessed woman, who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has sent me an angel in my times of troubles.

I will tell you of an event that really made an impression on me that I will never ever, forget.

I had walking Pneumonia and my husband had surprised me with tickets he had gotten for MotherŐs Day. A ladies conference sponsored by the church. Of all times to get sick, it happened then.

I knew in my heart that I needed to be there, so I went with my sister to this conference. It was a three-day event and I shared a hotel room (where the conference was being held) with 2 other ladies. One of the ladies didn't show up so there were only three in our room.

The first night we were there, I was extremely ill and was having trouble breathing. I propped myself up with pillows to help me breathe during the night but it really didn't help. The lights were out, and so I pulled the covers back and got out of bed and made my way around the edge of the bed to the bathroom. I shut the door and turned on the light and put the seat lid down and sat there and began to talk to God.

I told him I was having very hard time breathing and didn't want to wake my sister and the other lady up. I asked him to please help me breathe and feel better so that I could continue with the conference.

I talked to him for quiet a long time and then decided to go back to bed, so I turned the bathroom light off and made my way around the bed, feeling the edge to know where I was till I got all the way around to my side. I sat down and reached back for my covers when there she was.

She had followed me out of the bathroom, and she was flying sideways! She was as long as the room and I could see right through her; she was iridescent in hues of pinks and greens. It was like colored illuminated dust, she had BIG dark eyes that looked at me for a few seconds as a look of hope. Her hair was very long and dark, almost as long as her body. She was absolutely awesome!!!!!!

Anyway, as I had turned and reached back to pull the covers up over me, she pulled a iridescent see through cover over me, she had caught me off guard and I gasped for a second and I then realized what she was. She laid me completely down, (not propped up) and tucked the iridescent cover around my neck, (like your mom or dad did when you were little). She then turned and flew right over the top of the other sleeping lady in her bed, and she was gone. Both my sister and the other lady never woke up, they had slept peacefully.

I was able to sleep the rest of the night without any breathing problems and when I awoke the next morning I was well as any normal well person could be. I was so amazed and taken back by it all. I told my sister and the other lady about what had happened and we went to the conference and shared it with everyone. I was healed. God had heard my prayers and plea for help. He sent an Angel, and an Illuminated one at that, to tend to me that night and bring God's healing to me. I will never forget it as long as I live.

A very dear friend, a well-known evangelist, told me to never ever let anyone try to tell me I was hallucinating. He said to be sent an illuminated Angel was very rare and a great blessing from above. I consider myself to be a very blessed person.