The Rainbow

When we see a rainbow, we know that it was God's promise to us that he will not let us suffer anymore. My dad suffered each day with fatal lung problems. Finally the Lord God said you will not suffer anymore my child and took dad to be with him. 5 Days passed when we put dad to rest in the cemetery. The next morning my uncle was looking out the window and said, "I don't ever remember seeing a rainbow in the February", my mom started to cry to say "That's God letting us know that Alvin do not suffer any more".

It was Father's day and I went to visit dad and I remember it was a very dry couple of days it hasn't rained for a week or so and I asked dad for a sign to let me know he is right here with us. I looked over to where my grandparents house was on the hill and a rainbow was as big as life was over the house.

I miss you daddy but I take comfort knowing you are no longer suffering.

Alvin James Johnson February 13, 2003