Security Guard

When I was in my first year of college I went a bit wild and I'd party almost 3 nights every week. I started drinking as well.

One particular night I had had too much to drink and lost control of my senses. I lost my friends and decided to venture back to my dorm room on my own. When I entered my room, I had not noticed that two young men had followed me in my room and closed the door.

They proceeded to push me in the room and began to assault me. Before any harm could come to me, the room door swung open and a very tall and strong young man stood by the door and ordered these two criminals to exit my room, they immediately left running. This individual who I believe to be my guardian angel was not a security guard nor another student for this was an all girl residence.

He almost disappeared, I looked down the hall to see if I could catch up with him to thank him but there was no trace of him anywhere.

The next morning while sober I asked around to see if anyone had seen a tall handsome and strong man on the premises. Of course no one had.

I attended college for four years and I have never seen this fellow anywhere on campus. I truly believe that he was my guardian angel and that he was there to help me. I never drank alcohol again.

Thank you my dear Angel.