Canine Rescue

My unusual encounter happened to me when l was 11 yrs old. My cousins and I were swimming one afternoon in the lake and rode some rubber tires to the pilings under the bridge. After sitting there awhile my cousins decided to swim back across to the riverbank.

Watching my older cousins struggling against the current I sat under the bridge not wanting to try it myself for fear that I may not make it. After some time I decided to try and swim across to the bank. I struggled to swim against the current and ended up gulping in so much water that I started to sink.

Unable to swim any longer I stopped struggling and began to sink to the murky river bottom when a voice said, "something is going to grab you under the arms". Just at that moment I was pulled to the surface. I wanted to see what had me when a voice told me not to look. But l did look. What l saw was a large white Labrador dog. It did not look real. It was too large and stiff like a puppet. It glided me across the river, under the bridge, and to the riverbank.

After throwing up a stomach full of water I looked around me but there was no dog, nothing. It had vanished!

Walking home l wanted to tell someone of my experience but l worried that no one would believe me so l kept it to myself ..until now.

Sandra Renshaw