Saving Touch

I had drove from Nashville early one morning to St. Louis for a business meeting and was driving back that afternoon. It was a beautiful day, clear and sunny. I was driving on the interstate doing 70 miles an hour on cruise control and was listening to tapes of the bible by Charlton Heston.

I really didn't realize how tired I evidently had become. But a presence touched me on the shoulder and said the following in a male voice. "Mike, don't panic, wake up, gradually slow down and get back on the interstate." I woke up and found my car heading down the median of the interstate doing 70 mph.

I will never forget the faces of the drivers in the other opposing lanes of the interstate, the utter fear in their eyes, wondering if I was going to come across and hit them head on. I will never forget the eyes of a man driving a van full of people. I calmly hit the brake to disengage the cruise control and slowed down slowly and crept back on to the interstate.

When I was able to stop safely I pulled over to check my car, and found it had only done minimal damage to an under neither engine guard. It was an true miracle that something woke me up and told me what to do. If that hand on my shoulder hadn't woke me, I'm sure I wouldn't be here today and most likely my car would have hit other innocent individuals hurting or killing them.

What woke me?

I believe it was indeed an Guardian Angel.

Praise God and Lord Jesus Christ.