Angel's Talking

Being a first time mom is scary in itself. Even though I had all the new parent fears, my greatest fear was I wouldn't hear him in the middle of the night since I slept like a log and always have been. So I always prayed to my newborn's angels as well as my own to please help me/guide me in anyway possible in regard to Nicholas.

Well they were listening to me, more than I knew.

My husband was about to return to work after taking 1 week off to help me and I decided that I would sleep on the sofabed in the livingroom and the baby (Nicholas) next to me in his cradle, so my husband could get a good night's rest for work. Nicholas woke up and I fed him. But I fell asleep with him in my arms while breastfeeding and then I distinctly heard a very kind but firm women's voice say "Mary the baby", I woke up and Nicholas was on my right side and if I were to loosen my arms even a little bit he would have fallen on the floor. The women's voice didn't frighten me in the least, I said thank you and put the baby back in the cradle and fell back asleep.

My next encounter was basically the same, but the baby was a couple of months older now and he was sleeping in the bedroom. I heard "It's Nicholas hurry, go to him" which I did and he was sleeping with his face mushed in to the bedding and I picked him up and he was fine. But he may not have been if I would have waited to go to the bedroom.

Again, I said my thanks and giggled a bit and told them to keep up the good work and I appreciate these messages coming to me for Nicholas's sake.

Nicholas's is now 2 years old and I haven't had any messages since the last one mentioned above. I have thought of these messages the next morning after they occurred all the way up to today, and every time I reflect on them I know the women's voice are the same and feel they are the baby's grandma whom he has never met.

All I can think of to say or feel is "I do know they are listening and am very grateful for them to be present in our everyday lives".

Mary Ward