A Sign

Yesterday, our family lost a loved one. My husbands aunt passed away. She was my family, the same as his. We loved her dearly. My mother-in-law had been staying at the hospital, along with several others. My mother in law was in the lobby this morning when Shirley passed away.

She was sleeping, when something woke her up. She heard the lobby door open up and saw a woman come in. The woman went around this post in the middle of the lobby. You can't see around it, so my mother-in-law got up and went to see if it was someone updating her on Shirley's condition.

When she walked over to the post, no one was there. Right after this, they came to tell her that she had passed away. I think she came in to let her know that she was gone and that she was all right. It gave me chills and also made me happy in a way. She has been battling cancer for almost two years and had gotten very weak. I Thank God that she can finally rest, even though we will miss her deeply!

My second story, I had an uncle that passed away in 1998 of Cancer. I had always thought a lot of him, but we grew much closer during his illness. After he passed away, I learned that he had left his home and belongings to me and my parents. I became pregnant with my first child in 1999. My husband and I decided to move into the house he left us because it was closer to my parents and we thought it would be a good idea if I was near someone during my pregnancy. A few nights after we moved in, I saw a shadow coming down the hallway. I made my husband get out of bed and see if someone was in the house, but no one was there. After talking with my Mom, I decided it was my uncle keeping an eye on things. My son came a little early and was born on May 19th. One night, my husband and I called a psychic just for fun. I was careful to not say anything about myself or family to the psychic, to see if they really knew these things. They told me that I had a Guardian Angel looking out for me and that he shared a birthday with someone very close to me. I was amazed! My son was born on my uncle's birthday, the same one who had passed away. I thought that was a sign from him, letting me know that he would be here for me and my son, even in Heaven!

Thanks for allowing me to tell you my stories!

I love Angels and believe in them dearly.