In Time of Need

I came across this site by chance -- I am a 47 year old happily married man, however, without going into my life history, I will get right down to my 1st experience with angel intervention. There has been others, but the two described are the most vivid that I can remember.

I was a child of no more than 8 years old and lived in the top flat of a tenement building. As a game I used to run and jump down the stairs trying to see how many stairs I could clear on each landing! Finally I was at the last, (first landing) before ground level) and took a large run and jumped. I knew I was not going to clear the stairs as I had jumped too high! I thought to myself, "this is it, I am going to kill myself, someone please help me!"

Suddenly, I felt two strong arms round my waist, and saw myself clear the stairs in mid air as if in slow motion and land gently on my feet. When I turned to see who had helped me, all that I could see was a brilliant white light which lasted only for a couple of seconds.

I was so stunned that I went back up the stairs to inform my parents. When I related the story my grandmother said it was my guardian angel who had saved me and that I should say a prayer of thanks, which I did. To this day I have often called on my guardian angel to help me when in need!

My most recent experience was exactly 2 years ago. I now live in a small village about 5 miles from the city surrounded by mountains, with only one main road into the village.

I was out walking my dog after seeing friends off who were over for dinner. I had previously told my wife to go to bed, as I did not expect to be too long however, my dog caught sight of a rabbit, and spun me round making me loose my footing. I heard a loud crack! ...I had broken my ankle and fell to the bottom of the road.

From the hillpath above, as it was a late winters night, I knew that very few if any, cars would pass. I said my same prayer to my guardian angel to send me help and after just a few minutes, out of nowhere, this jeep appeared with blazing lights!

I could see it coming closer, then slowing down, my dog was frantic, and barking loudly. The jeep pulled up a few feet away from me and I saw a figure get out. My dogs barking changed to a quiet whimper, the lights were blinding me! Please help me I shouted, I have fallen and broken my ankle, please get me help.

The figure came closer to me and a female voice reassured me by saying everything will be alright and placed a mobile phone in my hand telling me to phone my wife, which I did. I thanked her and handed back the phone.

She sat with me, holding my hand, but I could not see her face for the lights from the jeep. She just stroked my head, just then I saw another car coming in the opposite direction and knew it was my wife and son.

Oddly enough I felt no pain at this point. I saw my wife and son coming towards me and the next thing I knew I was in hospital. I was told I required surgery with 2 pins to be inserted as my ankle was completely shattered.

My wife kissed me and said thank God you had your mobile with you! I tried to explain that I did not have it with me but they felt it was the pre-med that had made me delerious.

Later I explained the whole story to them and they swear there was no jeep or lady... only me and the dog lying by the road.

But they believe me! I hope you do too!