Something Terrible

A few years ago I decided to take my two dogs down this brook to give them a bath.This brook is on a long country road and you have to climb down this bank to get to it. So as i'm getting ready to bath them I hear a car, thinking it was my husband I thought no more about it, until a voice said to me, "get out of there now". It was like someone was standing right next to me I heard it so plain. I didn't panic at all, I just knew I had to listen. So I grabbed my dogs and climbed up the bank. As I got to the top I could see this man getting out of his van. He was so big and as he walked towards me he asked me "how's the fishing"? I told him I wasn't fishing and tried to get my dogs in my truck. One of my dogs ran over to the man and started barking which gave me time to open the locked door, thank God.

Then I jumped in the truck and called my dog in. And I just took off down that road so fast, never to go back there again! I did notice that the plates on the van were Ontario plates and he did wear alot of jewlery and he wasn't dressed for fishing!

I still wonder what might of happened. Something terrible that I'm sure of if God had to send an angel to warn me. When I think of it, it still makes the hair stand up on my arms, and sends a chill down my spine.

So this is my story about my gaurdian angel and how she saved me from something terrible. Don't ever forget them, they don't forget us!