Without Opening My Eyes, I Knew

I was sound asleep one night when I felt a presence in my room. Normally I would have panicked, but something about the presence made me feel safe and warm. I langushised in the feeling for a while without opening my eyes. I felt loved and adored. Finally I opened my eyes and found the room to be filled with a beautiful blue light, a soft glow surrounding a vision that appeared to be a feminine form shinning so brightly I squinted one second to try and make out what I was seeing. In that small space of time the vision stood and walked out of my bedroom. I quickly followed and watched her seem to float towards the window at the end of the hallway and disappear. I went into the living room where my two daughters were sleeping and found that even my german shepard had not been disturbed. There was such a feeling of peace, I went back to bed and woke in the morning to the telephone call that my aunt who I spoke with in the hospital a couple days before had succumbed to cancer during the night. She was such an angel in life always saying the prayer with her husband when he left the house, "The Lord watch between thee and me while we are apart.