Dear Grandpa

Your arms around me I've never felt
At least not that I remember.
I was born in late October
You died the month before, in September.

I wish you could have waited
Until I could hear your voice
But the angels took you by surprise
I know you didn't have a choice.

I have to grow up without you Grandpa
Your eyes I'll never see,
But throughout my life and in my heart
You'll always live in me.

Others say I don't have a Grandpa
Because I never got to see you,
But even though you are not here with me now
A part of me will always know you.

My mother speaks of you often
She tells me how wonderful you were.
Sometimes I hear her crying alone
You must have meant the world to her.

She tells me you are an angel now,
A special angel watching over my brother and me.
She says you help all the children in the world
To be happy, joyful and free.

So Grandpa, even though I've never felt
Your arms around me here on earth,
I think God let you hold me in your arms a while
Before giving me birth.

So when people say my Grandpa never knew me,
I will say that's not true,
I think you got to know me,
Even before anyone every knew.

I love you Grandpa