An Angel At Her Bed

My mother died on September 22, 2005 in my arms at home. She had been on Hospice since Dec. 2004 and not on any medication other than one that was long term for hypertension. On the evening before her transition, at 6:45 pm she pointed over my shoulder as I sat next to her on her bed in the room I grew up in. She said, "Look, ohhhh there is such a beautiful Angel standing there".

Of course I turned around and saw nothing. I told her there was nothing there and that she needed to relax, as this particular day was hard on her, she had not felt well at all. She told me to turn around and look, "There it is, it's soooooooo beautiful". At the moment I turned my mother went into immediate transition and she died in my arms as a voice came up from behind me and said, "You know what to do now".

At that moment of panic and despair I closed my eyes, put my cheek tightly against here, my mouth to her ear and spoke the hardest words I ever had to speak. "Mom, it's okay to go. Go to Dad, he is waiting for you. Grandma and Grandpa are too. I will be all right. Just relax and go to the Angel".

My mother, died in my arms at 7:54 on September 22, 2005. My life will never be the same