First Holiday

I am blind and have to use a wheelchair because I have only one foot. I was on holiday in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for my 65th birthday, which a friend had paid for so that I could go. It was the first holiday of my life.

We got a taxi back from the downtown market to our hotel. As I was disembarking from the taxi, two hotel employees were trying to pull me out. They were ignoring my caregiver who was trying to give them instructions on how best to do it. My little leg got caught under my wheelchair and as they were pulling, it was getting pushed further in, and it was starting to hurt.

I cried out with pain. Suddenly a man appeared to help me. I thought it was the cab driver that had come to my rescue. He came out of nowhere, it was as if he came from directly behind me which was impossible because my caregiver and the other two men were there surrounding me. He picked me up from behind, with his arms around my waist, lifted me up from under the chair and turned me around to face him. He put me gently in my chair, kissed me on my forehead, a very tender loving kiss, then he was gone.

Nobody knew where he went, as nobody even saw him go. I believe he was an angel sent to help me out of a difficult situation. I'll always remember it because it was such a loving kiss, and he was so very, very helpful to me at that moment. I felt as if I knew him.