White Puppy

When my grandmother was just a child she fell very ill. Coming from a poor family there was no money to take her to the hospital. Her mother (being a single mom) had no choice but to leave her poor baby home by herself while she went to work to support her family.

As my grandmother lay in bed, blankets covered over her head, she felt a hand over her face. Scared she quickly removed the covers and looked around. There by the doorway of her room was a little white puppy. He playfully tugged on her blankets and ran out the door. My grandmother being very sick did not have the strength to follow the dog and layed back down but once again the puppy came into the room and ran out the door continuesly doing so until my grandmother finally decided to follow it.

The puppy led my grandmother into the kitchen and then disappeared. As my grandmother looked around to find the puppy she noticed that the gas to the oven was left on, my grandmother immediatley turned it off. Sometimes God sends angels in the most unexpected ways.

God new that an innocent child would not be afraid of a puppy, and saved my grandmother so she could bless so many lives.