Shimmering Boy

I wanted to share my story with someone who wouldn't think I am just plain crazy and it seems I have found what I was looking for.

I often struggle with my beliefs and sometimes feel separated from God. It was during one of those times that I was praying for some sort of a sign, something to lead me on the right path. In my prayers I would talk to God and tell him that I needed an obvious sign because I am such a doubtful person that I would overlook subtleties.

On a night, like all other nights, I was sleeping when I woke up to a glittering above my bed. Floating above my bed and to my left was a shimmering figure of iridescent light. It was a boy that I have never seen in this lifetime but for whom I felt more love than humanly possible. We were communicating with each other without speaking. I said to him, I am so happy you are finally here. His reply was, come with me I have something I need to show you. He held out his hands and I grabbed hold of them.

We were flying through space in what seemed to be a tunnel that was dark and had the most amazing light at the end of it. I could feel the sensation of flying and it scared my human self. The next thing I knew I was laying on my bed blinking my eyes wondering what had just happened. I kick myself for my human fears that tied me to my own body. I miss the love that I felt that completely overfilled me. I wonder what it was that I was going to be shown. I may not know in this lifetime but if a chance like that comes my way again fear will not hold me back.

Thank you for being a sounding board.