Spider on a Web

Hi, I would love share my angel story. There has been many in my life. I guess I will start with the first one. When my Grandmother died in 1997, she was the first close person in my life to pass on. I was crying terribly one day and I looked up and the whole window to my bedroom was white. The whitest white I've ever seen. It made me stop in my tracks, knowing this was something I shouldn't have been seeing. After I saw it I had this wonderful feeling come over me.

My other angel sightings are more recent. Last year I started seeing someone standing beside my bed at night right before I would fall asleep. I always thought it was my 10 year old boy. I would reach out for him and he would vanish. Also I was seeing things dropping from the ceiling onto my chest. It was a big spider on a web. I would turn the light on, knowing I was seeing these things. It would be gone. I say the boy about 4 times and the spider thing twice.

Then Aug 22nd came when I got the biopsy report back from the lump I had felt 2 days after seeing the angel for the fourth time. Breast cancer. After talking to a friend that had leukemia she started describing the same boy I was seeing. She had seen and he spoke to hear by calling her name out. I got goose bumps when it finally sunk in what I had been experiencing. My angel. The spider coming on my chest was a sign for me to check my breasts, there was something wrong.

I have not seen him sinc. I look for him often, but I think he came to remind me that there is more to this life then earth. I feel comforted knowing there is a God and Heaven. And that little angel will be there it take me the Him!