Safe & Unscratched

I know Angels do exist. I have a lot of mini encounters about how Angels actually save us from danger but this one that happened last night was the most memorable one of all.

Me and my family (my 4 kids, my mom, my sister, my husband and our nanny) were driving home last nite after watching a movie. We were in 2 separate cars, 3 of my kids were with my husband in another car while I drive my car and with me were my sister who is sitting with me in front, my 7½ month old baby with her nanny and my Mom. I told my husband to stay with us and lead our way. We were both driving at a speed of 80 km/h, distance between our cars was like a car and a half apart.

As I was slowly driving, watching my husband drive ahead, I suddenly felt weakness, trembling and something was like telling me that something's going to happen. I don't know how to call the feeling, but they were like 'sights' or 'manifestations' of events that showed something's really about to happen, while I watched my husband's car closely (3 of my kids are with him).

As I felt this and as I saw all those manifestations, I started whispering prayers to myself over and over again, saying GOD PLEASE PROTECT US, PLEASE PROTECT MY CHILDREN, PLEASE KEEP US SAFE... repeatedly for like 3 - 5 minutes.

While mumbling, and feeling weak at the same time, this car suddenly appeared from nowhere, swerved to where I was, hit the front of my car (hit because I saw and felt it as my car kind of lifted from the ground to the right for a few seconds), and we were all shaken inside. I don't know what happened next, all I felt was that my feet didn't move an inch, even my hand were still on the steering wheel motionless, but my car was like gliding smoothly, and I was just like waiting for something.

Suddenly, I heard my sister and my mom say, go to the side, shoulder because you have been hit. Only then I realized that I needed to move my feet, and my hands so I can slowly shoulder to the right of the highway. While doing this, another car was doing the same thing since he too was also hit. I told that man to check my car because I couldn't do it myself, I was still trembling with what happened. He said, no damage, and asked me if I was okay. I saw their car with dents on the right. My husband checked on me too, fortunately they were not hit.

As I moved along the highway slowly, I saw around 5-6 cars who were also hit at the same incident. All of their cars were damaged, either at the left or the right of the rear part, one lost the bumper. It was a strange sight, seeing all of these cars while I move away in deep thought why my car was spared.

As we remember the story from last nite till now, we know very well that there was an angel right there with us who saved us from a clear danger. I was really thankful that my family went home all safe and unscratched and unhurt. This experience will be remembered till the last breath of my life.

Melanie P. Tuliao