Faceless Angels

This May morning started out like any other day for me. Hectic. Every one running to prepare for their day. The Boys went off to school and we were all pretty excited about my daughter coming home for her birthday.

Eddy my oldest boy was really looking forward to his sisters visit as he worshipped the ground she walked on. It was two days from Dawns birthday and a time of celebration for all of us.

I went on to work, the boys to school and the day went on as usual. Dawn arrived midday rested and waited for her brothers to get home from school.

Dawn called me at work and asked if it would be alright to take Eddy to the carnival at St. Josephs church as her friends had invited her and she felt it would be a great way to spend their time.

I agreed knowing the kids needed to spend time together. Dawn was 17 and responsible, Eddy was 15 and eager to be with his sister. I returned home from work around 6 pm the kids had gone on to the carnival and my younger son was at home. I felt such joy and contentment to be home, to know my daughter was home and that we would have the week end together.

I light a candle, as I have so often done. Thanked God for his ever lasting presence in my life and went on about preparing for bed. I went to bed knowing the kids should be home around 11.

I couldn't rest. I was up and down and restless. Something was a miss. I always knew .. when something was not right with my children. I call them my Mom signals. A feeling ... I got up and sat at the table in the glow of the candle burning there and laughed at myself for being silly. And once again asked God to bless my children and bring them home safely.

At precisely that moment the phone rang ... It was my daughter... her little helpless voice said Mama... what is Eddys social security number? ... I was confused by the tone in her voice (she was fighting to remain in control) and dumbfounded by her question. I paused a moment and asked her ...why???

In the strongest voice she could muster she said " Mama Eddys been shot.... he's alive ... but were at the hospital and they need his SS#" I was hit by a bolt of lightening ...Oh My God...I told her to hold on... stay calm and I would be right there. (there had been a drive by shooting) The carnival was in a smaller town 30 miles away. By the grace of God a neighbor and a friend was still up and took the time to drive me there.

I was numb, no pain, no fear, nothing. I had no idea what to expect but somehow felt God was with me I had nothing to fear. We arrived at the hospital to find my daughter, her friends, about half the population of our local high school and the police.. I flew by all of them, wrapped my arms around my daughter and proceeded to the emergency room where my son was. He was in critical condition and in need of life flight to Seattle Wa. for major surgery IF he could be stabilized.

His esophagus had been severed and one lung was collapsed. This was defiantly not any thing the local Drs. could handle. This had been reported as an assault that would be a homicide by morning.

The first faceless angel came into play immediately after he was shot. my daughters quick thinking and this angel of direction's ability to help her find the local hospital were the first steps in many which attributed to Our Miracle.

I sent My daughter and her friends home knowing that Eddy and I would be transported via life flight as soon as he was stabilized. The local Drs and nurses did what they could to comfort him.

I spent 3.5 hours holding his hand listening to him tell me" Mama it hurts, begging him to stay awake, telling him how much I loved him, what he meant to me and silently begging God to please not take my son... I wasn't prepared to lose him yet.

The time finally came life flight arrived and stabilized him enough to transport him. The second set of angels had arrived. I felt a hand take my arm and lead me to the ambulance. Bob Johnson of the Sunnyside Fire dept.. I remember his name as its branded on my heart. He led me to the ambulance, said some very encouraging, strengthening things to me and put me on the plane. Angel of guidance I'll call him.

I cannot remember the third angel's name or her face which saddens me. She helped me find my place on the plane. I sat by Eddy's feet and held on to him and Prayed like I have never prayed before, begging God to have mercy and please not take my son. I hadn't realized it at the time, but the respiratory equipment on the plane was not able to supply Eddy the oxygen he needed to survive (due to the complications of his injury) I realized it as I saw this angel's hands turn blue from never missing a stroke with the hand held respirator she used to keep my son alive.

I saw the sky turn colors I had never seen before as we approached Seattle .... I thanked God for that morning and that determined redheaded angel I call her the angel of breath and life that kept my son alive for what seemed to be an eternity.

We transferred from plane to ambulance to Hospital in what seemed like a matter of seconds. She never missed a stroke. As we arrived at the hospital she said to me, "I have to hurry, he's in good hands now - I'm sorry I can't stay with you... and she sped off with my son.

As I watched her go .. I knew God had answered my prayers... And my son would live to arrive home again. I collapsed in the chapel and wept..and prayed and passed out from exhaustion (God allowed me to rest ) to awaken to a successful surgery ...and the greatest Miracle I had ever seen.