Sacred Music

Only a few weeks ago I went to cover my shift answering the suicide lines. I had brought with me something to eat and threw my cheque book in the bag as well. My shift was over at 11 PM. It was an hours drive to get back home only to realize I did not have my bag. I was sure I had it when I went out to the parking lot. No one was taking the overnight and the building was locked.

I panicked as all the money I had was in the account. The next morning I called my banque to see what I could do. Close out the account was the only answer. One problem I had was that two means of income was coming into that account. I told the banque I would call back. As soon as I hung up

I heard music being played with high pitched voices softly singing somewhere. I walked around my room and found my walkman was playing softly a CD I had forgotten I had. The CD was called Sacred and I hadn't heard it in a few years. I knew than everything would be alright. Within 10 minutes my phone rang with the news my bag had been found and my cheque book was intact. I had forgotten it in the room I was in answering the phones the evening before. Since than every day seems there is a message somewhere from my angels. I thank God for sending them.