Cleaning Lady

Years ago, when I was only about two years old, I was in the hospital suffering from a Roto-virus. My parents would take turns staying in the room with me. Well, one day my mom was in there not in the best mood and thinking how gross the place smelled (we were children after all and diapers don't usually produce a nice fragrance).

Anyway, this woman came into the room and was cleaning the diaper pans and doing the "dirty work". She turned to my mom and said, "you're a Christian aren't you?", to which my mom replied "yes I am; how did you know?" "I can just tell" said the lady, "you radiate". My mother says she was in no way radiating that day as she was cranky and somewhat disheveled. The woman smiled and told her, "he'll be alright", and walked out of the room.

It would still be a few days before I got out of the hospital, and during that time my mom asked the nurses who that lady was and tried to describe her. They didn't know who she was talking about. As far as they knew, there was no lady by that description. An angel? My parents and I believe she was.