The Visitations

I am currently in Montreal Canada. I have been having Angel visitations for over a year now. My first experience was last year, May 6, 2009 to be precise. It happened after reaching a breaking point in my life. I had been going through so much pain, stress and struggle.

Since my first visitation last year I have experienced amazing healing in my life. A migraine headache I struggled with for over 16 years is completely gone. Other health issues I have struggled with like spinal, muscle and body pains have vanished.

I have also since been receiving messages and visions for myself and others, and this is completely changing my outlook on life. I also receive tons and tons of songs. I never imagined in my wildest dreams I could write songs or even sing. But to-date, I have received and written from the Angels over 90 songs and they are still flowing. The songs come in all sorts, regardless of my African background.

I get Salsa, Bachata, Country music, Pop and yes, African rhythms. I have so far added instrumentations to two of my songs. Follow this link to listen: I call it a download of music from above. Infact one of my favourite song is entitled; "I believe In Angels."

Also in September last year, they told me to start a TV show called TODAY IN MIRACLES. Iam working on it:

Among the several healing messages and plans about my future, they have informed me that besides being a journalist( which is my profession)I am a Spiritual advisor. This came as a shock. But I am actually beginning to see myself as one.

The Angels have really helped me. They have given me hope when I had none. Right now as I write, I am going through a difficult time that I couldn't have managed had I not known they are around helping me.

I am leaving Canada to return to Africa due to circumstances beyond my control. And I should be worrying about the survival of these many projects that I have started and all sorts of things. But I am at peace. After all I didn't start these projects. They (Angels) did. And so I know they will take care of them and take care of me too as I go through this craziness. So even in the midst of this chaos in my life right now, they are teaching me to remain calm and wait on them. I never thought, I'd ever want to return home. But now I am looking forward to the next adventure of my life.

To announce their arrival almost everyday for the past year, I hear a strong wind from a distance, and then through my window. Then I experience heavy drillings on top of my head. When my health was still ailing, the wind would form into an actual being who would start touching me in all the parts where I was aching. It seemed strange and scary at first. But now, I am used. This experience has become part of my life. Infact whenever this doesn't happen for more than a week, I miss them. And it's as if that yearning draws them to me and before I know it, I'd be having the experience the same day or the next day. I have so many stories of my mystical experiences that have come from this. I am actually writing a book. The Angels are beautiful and I am writing this letter as a way to also thank them for taking care of me. I love you my Angels.

God's Precious Daughter "Dedicate yourself to me. I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go" --I AM (God)