My Mother

Recently, my mother died of cancer. I can honestly say that she was the best friend I've ever had. She had always been a very strong spirited person but when she became ill she didn't fight she just went along peacefully. I thought that I would never see her again but on one of my darkest days after falling asleep in exhaustion from crying she came to me. Softly and quietly. I couldn't see her I could only feel her presence and hear her voice. It was so reassuring and full of love. All she told me was that I would be okay but that she had to go back. I cried and wept and tried to hold her close to me. Somehow she conveyed to me that she would always be with me. The comfort I felt after that dream has stayed deep within me ever since. I know that my mother looks over my family and I very closely.....My father told me that once not long after she died he was sitting on his bed. In his heart he cried out to God and asked...where's the comfort?? Just then the bed beside him sagged as if someone had sat down with him. He believes God sent my mother (our family angel) for comfort. Everyday we thank the Lord for keeping her in our lives.

Kylie O'Loughlan