Street Lights

When I first started to get involved with angels I had gone to a local shop that had little seminars on different things. The first one I went to was about angels.

One of the questions that was asked that night was,"If you could see an angel would you want to?" I said YES! However I realized not everyone was as anxious as me. Not everyone was ready to see an angel.

However the next morning I was walking to work at 5:00 a.m. in the dark and as I cross the railroad track, I silently ask, If I have an angel I would love to see an angel or I would love to see a sign to know that i have one with me. At that very moment a street light above me went out. I was so excited and then I went on to work not quite a believer, however this street light went off many time as I cross that track from that mornin on.

When ever that street light went out I would go back to see if it went back on and sure enough it would. Since that first experience there have been so many more times when I was down, in a crisis in my life or what ever and at that moment a street light would go out over me, or someones head light would go out or even a light on a building would go out but each time when I walked back to check that light, it had gone back on. I alway know my angel is with me, because she always lets me know shes there with lights.