The Policeman

One summer my three children my sister in law and I were traveling to my hometown in South Carolina. We live in New York so it is a pretty long way to go. It was foggy that morning and my car had been experiencing trouble. We broke down near Pennsylvania on found ourselves sitting on the side of the road maybe about eight hours from home.

A police officer pulled up behind my car, my youngest was 2 months old he and was screaming very loudly but when he saw this policeman he started smiling and laughing. Dressed in a older styled police uniform, it looked to be a style from the 70's. He had the most beautiful face and voice. He walked around my car and then he laid his hand on my car my car started back up. Then he just disappeared. I can't explain it. I looked up from the dash, seconds after I saw him standing in front of the car and then he was gone! No policeman car, no police car. Nothing! No One! We didn't see him leave. As a matter of fact we didn't even see him pull up. I thank God for that angel in disguise.

We made it home safely.