My Miracle Angel

Three weeks ago my step brother was in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was crushed between two cars and not expected to live. He lives in another state from me so the most I could do was pray for him.

Last Thursday night I couldnt sleep and started flipping thru channels. There was a 2 hour show on in the middle of the night called "angels" on a religious channel. I ended up watching the whole show till 4 am. It was an awesome show filled with testimonies of different people who have been blessed with encounters of angels. I then shut the television off and layed in bed praying really hard for an angel to help 3 people in my life who were faced with a crisis or illness. ( one my step brother)

I prayed so hard that night that tears streamed down my face. I then started drifting off to sleep. It wasnt 30 minutes later I awoke to the feeling of soft feathers going underneath me and over me. Untill I was fully embraced in its grip. I was then lifted up so high in the sky so fast that the feeling was a feeling I had never had before. It frightenend me at first to where I remember saying that I was scared. Then a feeling of love and faith came over me to where I was thanking Christ for such a beautiful encounter. At that instant I was standing at the foot of a hospital bed of a woman wearing a blue gown.

I remember feeling the need to touch this womans foot and say "you are healed" 3 times. After that I woke suddenly. I was in amazement of what just happened. The next day I went my folks for dinner. My step dad was really quiet. I went up and hugged him telling him I was sure Jack was going to be okay. After I left that night I had not been home an hour when my step dad called me. He told me that Jack was out of his coma and actually acting like his normal self. It was a miracle! I still cannot explain what happened that morning but my strong faith in God tells me I was visited by one of Gods servants and I am so deeply grateful for the encounter!