Whirl of Angels

Lying in bed one night. I had hit rock bottom in my life. Going thru a divorce. I couldn't rest my mind couldn't sleep. As I lay in bed, suddenly a whirl of 4 angels in a circle swirled above me. I couldn't believe my eyes. They were white, and beautiful. I heard inside me something tell me to rest everything will be ok. Then they disappeared and I fell sound asleep.

When my grandmother passed away I saw her in a light standing by my window just looking at me and smiling. I saw her, not an angel not a light it was her with a light shining around her. Then she disappeared. Since then she would speak to me but no one else could hear her. I thought I was crazy, but I could feel her presence. I haven't seen her in quite sometime. I hope she is finally resting.

My last experience was one day when I was in the park and I noticed an angel just standing behind a tree. Looking at me, just looking and smiling. I thought I was losing my mind. Angels came to me in my time of need. I am not afraid of the spirits I feel or see. I just take it as angels watching over me. I do believe, I also believe you have to have faith.