I was on my way to the pizza place in New York 9 years ago with my husband, I was almost 8 months pregnant, and had toximia.

I noticed a man sitting in the back table staring at us, not eating anything mind you. Suddenly he came up to our table and sat next to me talking to my husband. He didn't say anything to me or even look at me when I questioned him, but he asked my husband to be very close to me and if he was not there for my pregnancy I could have serious complications.

He new everything about us it seemed. I asked him do we know you, but he didn't acknowlege me. He knew we were having some problems and urged my husband to change his lifestyle. He said I am sick and I'm going to have a tough delivery...and it was up to my husband to be there in order for me to pull through.

At first I tought he was crazy, but I couldn't figure out how he knew so much things about us so we decided to follow him when he walked out the door.

We didn't and he was gone just like that. I did have a bad delivery, and I went into shock because of the medicine the doctor gave me brought my pressure up even higher, but because my husband was there. I remembered to fight to pull through. I knew after everything he said had actually happened that the man was an Angel.