Guardian Angels

When I was young, I heard about guardian angels, and was filled with wonder and delight, to think there was a kindred spirit who watched over and guided me through life, who protected and loved me, who helped me to find the right path.

Time after time I chose the wrong path, a path with many hardships and utter dissapiontment, not only for myself but also for those that loved me. I began to lose faith in the angels that were supposed to watch over me. After many years of wrong paths, bad descisions and misguided direction, I thought that guardian angels were just a nice little fairy tale, and stopped believing in them, and listened no more for the whispers that would never come.

Then one day i realized god had not sent me one, but two guardian angels. angels who were with me my entire life, who gave me advice, supported me and were always trying to point me towards the right path, but most of all showed me unconditional love.

Yes mom and dad, you are my guardian angels.