My First Angel

As a child of five I was enthralled with Aunt Jamima on the syrup bottles, even telling my mother that I wanted to meet her. I was admitted to the hospital with ear infection and severe pneumonia and my parents were told after a couple days to prepare for the worst as I wasn't responding to treatment. I remember after my parents left the hospital that night Aunt Jamima came to my room dressed as a nurse and held and kept me through the night. When my parents returned in the morning they were greeted by the nursing staff telling them I was much improved but had, apparently been hallucinating as I kept talking about Aunt Jamima. After listening to my story Dad went to the administrators office and was told that to the best of anyone's knowledge there had never been a black nurse or physician on staff in the hospital. I was discharged in a few days and today I know that I met my first Angel in 1948.