Let Us All Pray

I have been so stressed out and this is taking its toll on my health even though I do have faith and I feel that God has a special purpose for my life. I have been richly blessed over and over again, and I thank God for his Love, mercy and forgiveness of all my sins.

I ask for God's guidance in my life to lead me to know what it is that he wants me to do for him. Please pray for my mother to get well soon after surgery and for my brothers to find their way back to God. I believe that if we ask we will receive, and that only God's will, will be done in all our lives.

I pray for peace in this world. If each one of us just gave one day to God to do something good for another it would make the world a better place immediately and that this one day of good will affect each person's life so profoundly that we would want to continue on this path rather than go back to the way we were previously.

Love, compassion, kindness are the greatest gifts to give. No amount of money could buy these or any other worthwhile gift. As the saying goes "The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched but are felt in the heart" Let us demonstrate these feelings of love to all we meet.

As the Bible says that where there are three or more gathered he will hear our prayers. So let us all pray for God to enter our lives and take control.

Thank you