New Reality

A few years ago I went through a very messy split with my wife. Just before we split up for good we both decided to give it another go. She stayed for a night and then left saying she could not go through with it. I was totally devastated and the next night I got totally wasted on booze. Whilst going from bar to bar I would go into a shop and buy boxes of painkillers. When I got home I sat in the armchair just popping the pills into my mouth, I think I swallowed about 20 to 30 aspirin. I went to bed distraught thinking I was not going to wake up the next morning, feeling so desperately lonely. Luckily during the night I vomited a number of times which probably saved my life.

I woke up the next day feeling very groggy and called my brother to take me to the casualty dept of the local hospital where I stayed for the next 36 hours.

When I got home I felt so desperate I truly felt I had nothing to live for and I went to bed that night feeling the saddest I have ever felt in my life feeling nothing but loneliness. I recall falling straight to sleep. I woke up the next morning feeling so calm and at peaceful, it was is if there was a presence with me. As I lied in bed just coming out of my sleep I felt something like a feather tickling my back, I immediately thought of an angel with his wings touching me, my feelings of loneliness totally banished.

From that day on I am convinced of the reality of Angels and am convinced my angel guide came to me and helped me through that terrible time in my life. From then on I never felt alone again.