Large Face

Sunday(5th of January) I have seen an angel (I think it must have been one). Before I went to bed I was thinking again about the question if god exists or not. So I did a little simple prayer to god to give me a small sign if he exists ( A dream, strange feeling, etc.... would have made me very happy).

Well, nothing happened so I tried to get into sleep, but after half an hour I got strange flashes of colour before my eyes, first I thought it was just me slipping into a dream or so but I was wide awake.

After fifteen minutes I got very annoyed and opened my eyes and looked up to my ceiling and experienced the most scary moment of my life. A two/three meter large face was sticking out of my ceiling. I stared at it with a beating heart and after ten seconds it nodded and then disappeared.

I would call this a clear sign eh?