Carpet Knife

Angels can be concerned with seemingly silly things I think. many years ago I was moving into a house in kansas city, missouri. I was trying to cut a piece of carpet that I had lain on the front yard which was elevated from the street level a few feet so not so visible from the street. anyway, I was having a very difficult time cutting the carpet, as the tool I was using was very dull, and I was extremely frustrated and disgusted with my progress.

Just then an old, beat up car stopped in the street and a smallish middle aged black man got out, walked strait up to me, looked me in the eye, stretched out his hand to me holding a wooden handled carpet knife.

I will never forget what he said. "here, do yourself a favor". I took the knife, and I don't remember him driving away. This has been about 30 years ago. I do remember that the knife was very sharp as if it had been recently sharpened, and my carpet cutting went very easily from then on. I kept the knife many years, and it served me very well until I finally lost it somehow.

How could the man know I was even cutting carpet in the yard? He could not have very easily seen me, and driving by at just the right time with just the right tool? I don't think so, unless he was an Angel, which I believe he was (is). I did not know the man and never saw him again.

Actually there were earlier times when I believe he saved my life, but I never saw him then, and never suspected an Angel until years later. He certainly didn't look like an Angel to me at the time, but who is to say how an Angel should appear.