Ghostly Fiqure

This story is about my Mom's best friend.

I was at a friend of mine's house actually it is my Mom's best friend but I stay over there alot because I'm friends with her kids. I was over there one night and we were in her bedroom watching a movie and her youngest daughter Summer has a scooby doo toy and if you press on it, it goes off -- well it is broken. We were in her room and the kids were all gone except one which was in there with us, all of a sudden we heard that toy make the noise it's supposed to make! We got up to look because it is broken, plus you have to press down on it to make it squeek. When we tried to press on it nothing happened. When we were going back to the bedroom, we saw a ghostly fiqure in the living room. It was a tall white guy wearing a hat, a white tee shirt and a pair of worn blue jeans. I asked her if she saw that and she was crying. She said that was what her husband was wearing when he died. When we looked again he was gone but there was something on the floor beside him. She picked it up to find it was a letter he had written to her before he killed himself which was how he died. He overdosed on Tylenol.