This is a story, a true one that didn't happen to me. I'm a little fuzzy on the details so bear with me. I don't know what year, month, week or day but I remember most of it.

Two young boys, I don't remember their names, they were about 5 or 6. They were playing at a yellow slide in their backyard. Their dog Jasmine, just sat there. One of the boys (Boy #1 lets call him) was talking about bungee jumping. Boy #2 agreed and so they went looking for something to bungee with.

They looked hard enough, but found a wire, with two hooks on the end, not something I'd play with personally. They got it hooked up and everything. Boy #1 didn't want to go first so Boy #2 went. Boy #1 put one end of the hook on the tag of his coat, the other on the bar at the top of the slide. Boy #2 said he was ready so Boy #1 let go. Not what they planned.

Boy #2, was choking, and Boy #1 couldn't pull him up. So, there Boy #2 stood, trying to release himself from the hook, but couldn't get it out of his tag in his coat. Boy #1 went inside to tell his mother, Boy #1 said Boy #2 was hurt and needed help. His mother thought he just fell off the monkey bars, but a whole different story would hit her.

Jasmine, the young Boy's dog, heard Boy #2 crying, while fighting for his life. Jasmine didn't like that. She pushed him up, long enough to get some air. Their mother came out, shocked at what she saw. She states "It only took seconds to get to him, but it felt like hours."

Once she got the hook out of the Boy's coat tag, he finally, after minutes of fear, could breath again. The boy's crying, were pleading their apologies, though the mother didn't want them to say sorry, she wanted them to be alright.

So, what this tells us, is that you should keep Garden tools away from small kids, or Jasmine was born for a reason God gave her, to save lives. God told her someone needed help not all dogs would have helped at all. Without Jasmine, Boy number two would have died.