The House Call

My granddaughter came over my house to visit on a weekend, this was two years ago and she was 5 yrs old at the time. She had a cough and it seemed like she was just getting over a cold. That night when she went to bed, I normally lay down with her until she goes to sleep. After she went to sleep, I looked up and saw a vision of huge large white wings flapping and there were 3 angels, one in the middle and the other two angels were on each side but further back.

The angels were looking at my granddaughter and the angel in the middle was speaking to the angel on the right of her but I could not hear what they were saying. I continued to watch them and then got up and turned on the ceiling light in the bedroom. I could not see the angels any longer, so I left on a night light and turned off the ceiling light and went downstairs to clean up the kitchen. The next day my granddaughter went home and my daughter took her to the doctor's since she had the cough for a month.

They treated my granddaughter for pneumonia and the doctor said if my daughter had waited one more day, my granddaughter would have been hospitalized.

Philadelphia, PA