My Grandmother's Healing Wish

I was bron with a genetic heart defect known as a Ventricular Septal Defect. My family would tell me stories about how sick I was when I was young and how they prayed and prayed through all of my surgeries.

I stayed with my grandmother a lot growing up and found such piece and joy with her. As I grew up I continued to see my cardiologist every year for check-ups and there was no change in my heart condition.

I remember many times I would go out to ride my bike or play with other kids and my Grandma would be so worried that I would over do it and get hurt, but she would give in to me and I would kiss and hug her and tell her I would be just fine. When my Grandma told me she was sick and had a mass in her lung I felt like I was going to die myself. I remember feeling so many different emotions. I was so close to her and I could not imagine myself without her no matter how old I was.

My family and I talked her in to moving in with me so I could take care of her until the time came for her to go with the Lord. My Grandma was a very religious person and I learned a lot about Jesus through her.

I remember when she lived with me I would read bible verses with her and she would be so proud of me for anything I would do. When my grandmother passed away I moved to Florida 5 months later and decided to change my cardiologist to a doctor in Florida.

I scheduled an appointment and when I first met my doctor he listened to my heart and said that he did not hear anything wrong with it. If you would have heard my heart before that you would have known that you could not miss hearing the sound of it swooshing instead of beating. It was a very loud murmur and one that you could not miss hearing.

I looked at the doctor like he was crazy. He handed me the stethoscopes and said here you listen and tell me what it is you think I should be hearing. To my surprise my heart sounded normal for the firat time in my life. My eyes filled with tears and the hair stood up on my arms.

I could feel my Grandma with me and I knew that it was her. My Grandmother would tell everyone that if there were one wish she could have filled it would be for my heart to be normal. That day I knew that there is definitely a God and that we have so much good to look forward to when it is out time to go home.

I can not wait to see my Grandma some day.