Angel & Ghost

I am a resting actor, and artist. I have recently graduated with a masters degree in Shamanism and Quantum Theory.

I have seen an Angel, or what I took to be one. It was in 1997. It was standing in my bedroom one night, next to a ghost. It was a burning golden light, which I could not look at for long. It was beautiful. The ghost whom I had seen before was standing quietly next to the Angel, dressed in what I took to be a white Greco Roman tunic.

Ever since this event I have experienced difficulty in establishing even casual connections to events and occurances. I do not know whether I am responsible, or if these occurrences are just chance or accident, or if is an angel appearing to me for some reason. Perhaps it's someone else's angel? Could it be a ghost?

It was a bewildering experience, but one which I am pleased to have had.